Plaza Diane Exhibition Proposal

Plaza Diane Community Center for the Arts is located in the heart of Powell, Wyoming.  As part of its programming throughout the year, we host numerous exhibitions of sculpture, painting, photography, ceramics, and crafts. These exhibits include various works of a single artist or a collaboration of artists.

Plaza Diane’s available gallery space measures approximately 850 square feet.  This includes almost 40 linear feet of stable fabric-faced hanging walls, 40 linear feet of fabric-faced moveable walls, and 27 linear feet inside an enclosed glass gallery.  Artists will have the opportunity to use the entire space for a full gallery show or use the glass gallery for a smaller exhibition.

If you would like to be considered for an exhibition at Plaza Diane, you are invited to submit a written proposal to 
Your proposal must include the following:

·         Contact information

·         Artist Statement:  you and the inspiration for your art

·         Five images representing the proposed materials for exhibit. Images may be submitted as digital images included in an email or viewable on your web site.

·         An approximate count of works to be shown and media (paintings, sculpture, photos, etc.)

·         Preference to having an individual show versus collaborative show with other artists.

Our exhibition committee meets periodically throughout the year to review proposals, select artists and consider possible exhibition dates. Following the recommendation of the exhibition committee, artists will be notified of the committee’s decision.

As a community center for the arts, no works of a violent or sexual nature can be accepted for exhibition.

All artwork must be ready to hang.  We will not attach any hanging hardware to your artwork.
Works may be priced for sale and described as to size, medium, and title. Plaza Diane will charge a 15% commission on all works sold through the exhibition.

As the artist, you will be invited to make opening remarks during the exhibition’s opening reception and if practical and possible, to be present for some modest gallery sitting.  Gallery sitting is provided by volunteers.  As of now, Plaza Diane is open Saturdays 11-1, if you would like to gallery sit for more hours this can be arranged.

Plaza Diane does not carry insurance to cover damage to, or loss of, artwork in our possession. 
All reasonable efforts will be made to protect artwork from accidental damage or breakage. 

Transportation of artwork to and from Plaza Diane is the responsibility of the artist.

If you have questions or concerns contact Katie Stensing at 271-1264 or email

We hope you consider having an exhibit at Plaza Diane!

Submit your proposal today at

For a printable copy of this form please click the following link:    Plaza Diane Exhibition Proposal.docx

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